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Supercharge your Elementor Website with Elementor Addons
26 of the best Elementor addons. Plugins for all your design needs; from Woocommerce to dyanamic sites and templates, custom widgets and everything else in between.
How to create a custom post type using Jet Engine plugin
Learn how to create a custom post type using Jet Engine and Elementor. No coding experience needed.
Jetpack Boost new plugin for improving core web vitals
Automatic creates new plugin JetPack Boost aimed at helping to improve core web vitals with a couple clicks.
what is WordPress | A simple explanation
WordPress is the most popular content management system used for creating all types of different websites. It is used by big and small brands alike.
what is a domain name and where to purchase one
Learn what a domain name is and where to purchase one. Purchasing a domain name is the first step to building a website and is part of our Wordpress Fundamentals course.
what is hosting | where to purchase it
Hosting is an essential part of creating a website. Learn what hosting is and what web hosting company we recommend for beginners. This is the second step in our WordPress Fundamentals course.
create a new website in Siteground
How to create a new website in Siteground is the third lesson in our series, "Wordpress fundamentals" that teaches you how to launch a new WordPress site from scratch.
what is DNS | How to configure it
Learn what DNS is and how to point your domain name to your hosting. This is the forth step in our Wordpress Fundaments course.
How to install a WordPress theme
There are several ways to install a Wordpress theme; learn them all. This is part of our WordPress Fundamentals course.
how to install a Wordpress plugin
WordPress plugins are addons that extend the functionality of the core software. Learning how to install a WordPress plugin is part of our Wordpress Fundamentals course.
how to install an ssl certificate in WordPress
Using https is a page experience signal for Google and a small ranking factor. Install an SSL certificate today for a minor boost in rankings.