List: Best Elementor Addons On the Net

26 of the best Elementor addons. Plugins for all your design needs; from Woocommerce to dyanamic sites and templates, custom widgets and everything else in between.
Supercharge your Elementor Website with Elementor Addons
List: Best Elementor Addons On the Net

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Extend the functionality and design possibility of your Elementor site. I have compiled a list of 26 addons for Elementor, some of which I use on this very site.

We have created a plugin database that allows you to filter by features so you can find the perfect one for your website. This is new but we will continue add new ones regularly.

What are Elementor addons- Are They Free?

Elementor addons are plugins/extensions developed specifically to work in concert with your page builder for the purpose of extending its functionality. These extensions are created by talented, third party developers.

Some are free and some are premium. Use them to trick out your WooCommerce shop, create dynamic listing and booking sites, insert templates, and more…

Here Are Some Of The Best Extensions

  1. Elementor Pro
  2. Essential Addons
  3. Crockoblock (18 plugins; purchase them as a set or individually)
    1. Jet Engine
    2. Jet Booking
    3. Jet Appointment
    4. Jet Search
    5. Jet Blog
    6. Jet Blocks
    7. Jet Menu
    8. Jet Tabs
    9. Jet Elements
    10. Jet WooBuilder
    11. Jet Compare Wishlist
    12. Jet Reviews
    13. Jet Product Gallery
    14. Jet Tricks
    15. Jet Smart Filters
    16. Jet Theme Core
    17. Jet Style Manager
    18. Jet Popup
  4. Ultimate Addons
  5. Templately 
  6. Starter Sites
  7. Happy Addons
  8. Premium Addons

1. Elementor Pro- Customize Your Entire Site

Elementor Pro

Brought to you by the official Elementor team, Elementor Pro takes its rightful spot at number 1. In addition to 40+ premium widgets the plugin offers, it also adds a theme builder and popup builder. 

The theme builder allows you to edit every part of your site including your header, footer, post archives, single post template, 404 page, search results page.

If you’re running Woocommerce; your product archives and single post template. 

This alone is worth the cost, but the pro version doesn’t stop there.

Collect leads, add CTA’s and notices all with their popup builder. Build from scratch or start with one of their templates and customize. 

Click here to learn about all the features E Pro has to offer.

2. Essential Addons- Enhance Your Page Building Experience

Essential addons best Elementor addons for enhancing your page building experience

Create absolutely stunning websites without any coding skill. Essential Addons is one of the more well known extensions available and provides you with creative elements for Elementor.

They offer both a free version (available from the WordPress repo) and a premium one that comes with 70+ widgets.

Some Notable Widgets

  • Lightbox Module
  • Image comparison
  • Parallax
  • Particles
  • Image hotspot
  • Content toggle
  • Advanced tooltip

Click here to learn about all of the features EA has to offer.

3. Crocoblock- The Ultimate Toolkit For Elementor Page Builder

Crockoblock Offers an entire suite of Elementor addons; each one tailored to a specific purpose. Rather than combining all these features into one plugin, Crocoblock broke it all down so you don’t add unnecessary bloat to your site.

  • 18 Plugins
  • 47 Templates
  • 150 Widgets
  • 180 Popups

The next 18 plugins are part of the Crockoblock set mentioned above. Some can be purchased individually, some only as a bundle.

3.1 Jet Engine- Everything For Adding and Editing Dynamic Content

Jet Engine by Crockoblock- elementor addon for adding dynamic content

Jet engine offers similar functionality as ACF (advanced custom fields). Add custom post types, taxonomies, relations, and options pages. This is an extremely powerful plugin. 

Develop dynamic listings and flexible grid layouts, so your CPTs, taxonomies, and user listings are displayed beautifully. Create any type of listing site imaginable; review sites, property and vehicle listings. 

Create dynamic map listings and custom calendars. The possibilities are endless. This is one of my favorite plugins.

Learn about all the features Jet Engine has to offer.

3.2 Jet Booking- Booking Plugin for Elementor

Jet booking- the ultimate booking plugin for Elementor

Add booking functionality to your Elementor built website. Let visitors book items on the fly with the Jet Booking plugin. Perfect for offering rental or booking services like cars, hotels, bikes, apartments. 

Learn about all the features Jet Booking has to offer. Purchase individually or as a set.

3.3 Jet Appointment- Ultimate Appointment Plugin

Jet appointment by crockoblock

Setting up appointments has never been easier with Jet Appointment. Automate payments with WooCommerce integration. 

Jet Appointment Features: 

  • Days off: Add holidays and rest days to your schedule
  • Buffer time: Arrange a buffer time before and after service sessions
  • Set working hours: Adjust the default schedule for all of the services in one place
  • Full appointment details: Find all the payment information in the special settings columns
  • Support for multiple services: No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to the Jet Appointment plugin, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters
  • Use single forms: Create single pages for services where the current service is set by default and obtain the appointment functionality in a simple way
  • Customize the calendar labels: Activate the Use Custom Labels option to easily change default weekdays and month labels
  • Capacity: Set the maximum capacity per any given service and embed the data in the time slot within your Booking Calendar

Important: You need Jet Engine to enjoy the full functionality of this addon.

Learn more about all features Jet Appointment has to offer. Purchase individually or as a set.

Jet Search- Ajax search plugin for elementor

The native WordPress search function is rather limited. Make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for with Jet Search. If you have a large site, this plugin can be extremely useful in helping to keep visitors on your site longer. 

Jet Search Features:

  • Ajax search: Load the results faster with ajax. View live results as you type
  • Narrow the results:  Search within any custom post type, any taxonomy, default tags, and categories
  • Arrange the results by relevance: Make the most important results show up as the first ones
  • Customize the results preview: Manage the way the results are displayed. Apply advanced stylization settings; even showcase your post thumbnails

Learn all the features Jet Search has to offer. Purchase individually or as a set.

3.5 Jet Blog- Create Engaging Blog Pages

Jet blog- ultimate blog plugin for elementor

Display content like a pro with Jet Blog. 

  • Showcase the latest news with a text ticker. 
  • Display posts as tiles; choose from 9 different layouts.
  • Turn post titles into slides.
  • Create video playlists: Add video from external sites like Youtube or Vimeo. 

Supports WP_Query: Use meta query, date query, include or exclude terms, set custom post offsets and order publications according to your needs.

Works with custom post types: Empower your content with visual effects to highlight the most important information.

Great for post archives: Specify smart posts list or smart posts tiles widgets as archive templates to showcase the latest publications archive.

Learn all the features Jet Blog has to offer. Purchase individually or as a set.

3.6 Jet Blocks- Perfect for Enriching Your Headers and Footers

Jet blocks by Crockoblock- perfect for creating amazing headers and footers

Customize the look of headers and footers with Jet Blocks. Adds 9 highly customizable widgets to your arsenal: 

  • Shopping cart
  • Registration
  • Author links
  • Hamburger menu
  • Login
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Logo

Useful for WooCommerce and/or membership sites or simply adding breadcrumbs. 

Note: WPExplaind uses this plugin mainly for the breadcrumbs widget. Read our post of 5 plugins that add breadcrumb functionality to Elementor.

Learn about all the features Jet Blocks has to offer. Purchase individually or as a set.

3.7 Jet Menu- The Ultimate Mega Menu Plugin

Jet menu by Crockoblock- ultimate mega menu plugin designed to be used with Elementor

Add any content type to a mega menu. Great for Ecommerce sites. 

  • Adjust the navigation with horizontal, hamburger, and vertical menus. 
  • Select animations like slide out, dropdown and push. 
  • Build desktop and mobile independent mega menus. 
  • 120 different styling options.
  • Presets manager; create and style presets for different menus.
  •  Export and import options; save time on your next project by saving your settings and importing them on a new site. 

Purchase individually or as a set.

3.8 Jet Tabs- A Better Way To Organize Your Content 

Jet tabs- tabs , toggles, and accordion blocks for Elementor

Choose the best way to organize your content with vertical and horizontal tabs. Use Elementor templates and embed them into your tabs and accordions.

Sync Jet Tabs with Jet Engine to add dynamic content to tab labels, changing theme from page to page when using templates. 

Jet Tabs Widgets

Jet Tabs widgets

Purchase individually or in a set.

3.9 Jet Elements- Widgets For Any Design

Jet elements by Crockoblock- 44 must have widgets for Elementor

Jet Elements comes with 44 different elements including banners, image comparison slider, portfolio gallery, services, pricing, inline SVG, pie charts and much more… 

For a full list check out Jet Elements.

Purchase individually or as a set.

3.10 Jet WooBuilder- The Ultimate WooCommerce Addon

JetWoobuilder by Crockoblock- Top rated Elementor Woocommerce plugin

With 66 Elements in total, you can create versatile shop pages and single product templates. Customize everything.

Let buyers rate, compare and add favorites by integrating Jet Reviews and Jet Compare Wishlist. 

Jet WooBuilder Features

  • Page Specific Widgets- Widgets are broken down into groups so you use the right ones when building your shop pages
  • Editable Woocommerce pages (product archives and single product template)
  • Manageable Reviews- Approve or Unapprove any user-generated review, edit its text and title, or choose to permanently delete
  • Custom Behavior Conditions- encourage C2C page interactions. Let users leave reviews as well like and dislike them
  • Allowed Roles- assign specific roles (i.e. customer, shop manager) that allowed to comment and rate Woocommerce products. 

Jet WooBuilder Contains everything you need to build the perfect Woocommerce site. 

Check out the shop demo.

Purchase individually or as a set. 

3.11 Jet Compare Wishlist- Must Have For Online Stores

Jet compare wishlist plugin- a must have for online stores built with Elementor and Woocommerce

Allow your customers to create wish lists of products that they can purchase later. Set up parameters for which they can compare products and display them beautifully in a comparison table. 

Jet Compare and Wishlist example product comparison

Purchase individually or as a set.  

3.12 Jet Reviews- Review Plugin for Elementor

Jet reviews by Crockoblock- review plugin for Elementor

Choose from two review widgets to meet your marketing goals; reviews listing for interactive feedback or static reviews for self written product reviews that are reference only. 

Jet Review widgets

So whether you’re an affiliate marketer writing reviews to promote a product or an online store owner looking to generate social proof, Jet Reviews has you covered. 

Jet Reviews Features

  • No Website Slowdown- all data is stored in custom tables subject to a custom query which saves resources and doesn’t weigh down your site.
  • Responsive Layout- Use Elementor to display your reviews flawlessly on any device. 
  • Outstanding Styling- Style everything from ratings, scales, icons, colors, padding, typography and more… 
  • CPT’s- Works great with any post type. Create different review templates for different post types. Combine with Jet Engine to add new post types, meta fields and taxonomies. 

Check out the demo

Purchase individually or as a set. 

Jet product gallery by Crockoblock- Woocommerce gallery plugin

Create and style your Woocommerce galleries in the best light. Create product image sliders or video overviews. Choose from multiple styles. 

Elementor Gallery Widgets

Jet Product gallery widgets

Create Stunning Gallery Layouts

stunning woocommerce gallery layouts created with Jet Product Gallery

Purchase separately or as a set.

3.14 Jet Tricks- Visual Effects For Elementor

Jet tricks by Crockoblock- create stunning visual effects with Elementor

Create animations on the fly without any coding skills. Bring your content alive with visual effects to highlight the most important information. Customize with a few clicks. 

  • Add floating particles, sticky columns, parallax scrolling and more… 
  • Add tooltips and image hotspots to make your images interactive

Purchase individually or as a set. 

3.15 Jet Smart Filters- Advanced Filters For Any Post Type

Jet smart filters by Crockoblock- advanced filters for any post type

Design complex filters easily. All filters are AJAX powered and display instantly which guarantees smooth on page operation and enhanced user experience. 

Great for WooCoomerce sites. Jet Smart Filters is fully compatible with Elementor, Jet Engine, and Jet Woo Builder plugins to ensure the optimal performance of your projects.

Jet Smart filters are 100% Gutenberg friendly so you can enjoy all its features in the block editor. Use with any theme on any page. 

Jet smart filters- gutenberg friendly widgets

Purchase individually or as a set.

3.16 Jet Theme Core- Create Any Website From Ready Made Pages

Jet theme core by Crockoblock- Customize any part of your site

Similar to Elementor Pro. Customize any part of your site.

  • Massive Template Library- premade designs for just about any site
  • Ability to create new theme parts- header, footer, singles, archives, and sections.

Design your entire website with Jet Theme Core.

Get in any Crocoblock set. Can not be purchased individually.

3.17 Jet Style Manager- Manage Your Elementor Page Style Settings

Jet style manager by Crockoblock- manage your Elementor style settings and speed up your site

Manage and limit your styles by creating predefined skins and speed up your Elementor website in the process. 

New approach to managing- create and save pre-styled skins for Jet Widgets and reduce time styling your page layout 

Full control over page styles- Define style settings available for changing the appearance of your widgets. 

Efficient server memory use- Select the editor load with certain style settings and boost your site performance at the same time. 

Jet Style Manager Benefits

  • Speed up your website- load your pages 20-30% faster 
  • Define the amount of settings available to the client -control the number of style settings available and protect your client’s website from unnecessary style modifications
  • Reduce time for styling your pages- create, save and apply widget skins

Get in any Crocoblock set. Can not be purchased individually.

3.18 Jet Popup- Popup Builder For Elementor

Jet popup by Crockoblock- stylish popup builder for Elementor

Drag and drop popup creation. Design from scratch or start with one of many templates; 64 predesigned templates in total. Set Triggers and animations with a couple clicks. 

Communicate anything with your popups; create cookie policy and GDRP popups, countdown timers, sales, subscription forms, anything your heart desires. 

Decide when your popups appear

  • On opening 
  • Exit intent
  • Page scrolling 
  • On click
  • User inactive time
  • On a set date

Include or Exclude Conditions

Display popups according to your needs. Include pages or page templates. Exclude specific pages or post types. Mix and match conditions. 

Purchase individually or as a set.

4. Ultimate Addons- Complete Toolkit For New Design Possibilities

Ultimate addons- compete Elementor toolkit

Widgets, templates, and blocks all in one place. Growing library of of unique elements that open up a whole range of new design possibilities.

  • 40+ widgets and extensions
  • 100+ website templates
  • 200+ section blocks

Whether you’re a professional designer or newbie, you’ll speed up your workflow and create exceptional designs.

Save Time

Prebuilt websites to save you time. No more starting from scratch or looking for inspiration.

Cross domain copy and paste. Copy design elements from one site to another. Huge time saver for developers.

Built For Performance

Modular architecture gives you full control. Switch on and off elements as you need them; loading only what is necessary. This keeps it lighting fast.

Notable Widgets

  • Optimized video and video gallery widget
  • Business reviews
  • How to schema
  • Image hotspots
  • Sortable table
  • And more…

5. Templately- Ultimate Templates Cloud For WordPress

Templately- ultimate template cloud for your favorite WordPress page builders

Take your favorite page builders to a new level and manage all of your designs in one place. Very simply, templately is packed full of so you never have to start from scratch.

Store your own designs in the cloud and access them when spinning up a new site. Huge time saver for developers.

They offer both a free version and a paid version for $9.99 per month. You receive more templates and storage with the pro version of the plugin.

Examples Of Templately Designs

Templates from Templately

6. Starter Sites- Free Templates For Elementor

Starter sites- Beautiful, optimized templates for all of your favorite page builders

Created by Brainstorm Force, the creators of WP Astra theme. Starter Sites is another template plugin that can save you a lot of time.

Rather than building your entire site from scratch, simply import a template and edit it to make your own.

Take A Website Live In Five Clicks

  • Install and activate Starter Templates Plugin
  • Select the page builder you wish to work with
  • Pick a website / page demo that suits your needs
  • Install required plugins with a single click
  • Import the website / page template

This plugin is FREE and can be downloaded from the WordPress Repository.

7. Happy Addons- Powerful Widgets For Beautiful Websites

Happy addons- create beautiful websites with this elementor powerhouse addon

Bring your creative web designs to life with Happy. With its extraordinary features, you can now do things that only the pros could before.

Many Unique Features

  • Presets- change the appearance with one click of a button
  • Cross domain copy and paste- take your designs across multiple sites with ease
  • Live copy- copy any part of Happy’s demo sites and paste into your own with live copy
  • Animations- powerful animations built into to the motion effects
  • Template import- Import any of the 400 + ready made blocks/sections
  • Unique line icon library- 500 + additional line icons
  • On demand asset loading- take control of your sites speed by loading only what you need.
  • 70 + Widgets- 35 in the free version and an additional 35 in pro

Some Notable Widgets

  • Advanced heading
  • Advanced tab
  • Animated text
  • Scrolling image
  • Sticky video
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Charts (line charts, pie charts, and more…)
  • Hotspots

The free version can be downloaded via the WordPress repo.

Premium Addons- Most Innovative

Premium addons- 55 premium Elementor widgets

Comes with 55+ highly customizable elements that allow you to build sophisticated websites without any coding.

Built With You In Mind

  • Modular and lightweight. Enable and disable elements as you need them
  • Multilingual- compatible with WPML
  • Cross domain copy and paste

Some Notable Widgets

  • Preview window- Display extra info on hover
  • Ken Burns cinematic effect
  • Whats app/ Messenger
  • I hover- interactive hover effects
  • Much more…

Download the free version from WordPress.


Elementor is an excellent page builder on its own but coupled with these high powered Elementor addons, you can literally create anything you desire without needing any coding skills. You are only limited to your imagination.

So get out there and start creating!

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