Jet Blocks | Header And Footer Plugin For Elementor

Jet Blocks for headers and footers

Plugin Info:

9 Widgets
Price: 19.00
Developer: Crocoblock
Lifetime License? Yes
Free Version? No
Jet Blocks | Header And Footer Plugin For Elementor

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Jet Blocks adds 9 widgets for building headers and footers in Elementor. It can be purchased individually or as a set and works best with JetThemeCore.

If you’re using Elementor Pro then this plugin is kind of redundant, but it does add a couple widgets you will not find in E Pro, one of which is breadcrumbs.

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Jet Blocks Adds A Total Of 9 Widgets

Jet blocks widgets
  • Shopping Cart Icon
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Author Links
  • Hamburger
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Logo
  • Breadcrumbs

Header Example

Below is an example header built with this plugin. You can see the live example here.

header example built with jet blocks


This plugin was created to work with JetThemeCore and the 17 other Crocoblock addons. It provides all of the building blocks to create amazing headers.

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