Jet Woobuilder | Woocommerce Customization Plugin For Elementor

Jet Woobuilder - create custom shop pages

Plugin Info:

66 Widgets
Price: 24.00
Developer: Crocoblock
Lifetime License? Yes
Free Version? Yes
Jet Woobuilder | Woocommerce Customization Plugin For Elementor

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Jet Woobuilder allows you customize every part of your online store including the checkout and cart pages. This is a very unique feature, which is why I believe it is the best Woocommerce customization plugin for Elementor.

The sales page states that it comes with 66 widgets although I only count 60. Can be purchased individually or as a set.

Option for a lifetime license by purchasing the entire Crocoblock set. Here is a basic overview video of what you can do with it.

Jet Woobuilder Overview

Learn how to customize your cart, checkout, and my account pages.

Jet Woobuilder Features

  • Customize all WooCommerce pages
  • 66 total widgets
  • Manageable reviews

Woocommerce Customization Made Easy

The ability to customize every aspect of your WooCommerce shop is a unique selling point of this plugin. You can customize the following pages:

  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Account
  • Single product
  • Product Archives
  • Thank you or success page

Sure there are other plugins that allow you to customize single product and product archives but none that allow cart, checkout and account pages. That’s what separates it from other plugins.


Jet Woobuilder comes equipped with 66 total widgets for customizing various parts of your site.

Check out the shop demo. Note: This shop was built with additional plugins from Crocoblock. At the very least this shop is using Jet Smart Filters and Jet Compare Wishlist.

Single Product Elements

Customize every aspect of your single product templates. Add everything from an excerpt, rating and related products, to review forms, sales badges and upsells.

Jet woobuilder single product widgets


10 Elements to customize your product archive page.

Jet Woobuilder product arvhive widgets

You could even take this a step further with Jet engine by creating a listing grid that includes the title, price and ratings of each product on the archive page. Amazon does a great job with this.

amazon listing grid


4 Elements to customize your category templates.

Jet Woobuilder category widgets


Customize your shop page with the following 7 elements. You could take it even further by adding custom fields to your products with Jet Engine or by creating custom filters using Jet Smart Filters.

Jet Woobuilder shop widgets


5 cart elements to enhance the design of one of your most important pages.

Jet Woobuilder cart widgets


8 elements for creating a custom checkout.

Jet Woobuilder checkout widgets

My Account

Customize the look and feel of the “my account” page to match the rest of your site.

Jet Woobuilder my account widgets

Thank You

Add a custom thank you page after your customer finishes checking out.

Jet Woobuilder thank you page widgets

Now that you have seen all the widgets, let’s move on to the next feature.

Manageable Reviews

Manage your reviews, custom behaviors, and allowed roles. Approve, delete, or edit reviews. Urge customer interactions by allowing others to comment, like and dislike other reviews. Control who is allowed to do what with allowed roles.

For example: you may only want to allow customers that have purchased a product to leave a review, but allow anyone to comment like and dislike. With allowed roles, you can do that.


If you are looking for a way to customize every aspect of your store, then Jet Woobuilder may just be the addon you’re looking for. Although Elementor Pro allows you to customize single product and product archives it does not allow you to edit cart, checkout, and my account pages like this plugin does.

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