About Us

Our Mission:

To deliver up to date, easy to understand, actionable WordPress tutorials so that users of all levels can design better quality websites. 

Who We Are:

We are long time WordPress users ourselves. We hope that sharing our experience will help to deliver on our mission. 

The Founder Of WP Explaind

My Backstory And Introduction To WordPress

I was first introduced to WordPress in 2011. At this point, I knew nothing about web design or making money online, but it didn’t take long for me develop a passion for it, but that’s not to say I didn’t have my struggles.

My Struggles With WordPress

With so many plugins and themes to choose from, choosing the right ones for the project proved difficult. More struggles included choosing the right host optimizing for performance, security, and generating traffic.

My Goal:

I set out to create WP Explaind as a way to pass on the same passion and help others avoid the pitfalls I experienced when I was first starting out. 

Get Started By Finding The Right Host

Along with choosing the right theme and combination of plugins, you need to have reliable hosting that is going to perform well. When I first started out, I used basic shared hosting and my sites suffered as a result. They were slow and the result was a poor user experience.

Today, I use managed WordPress hosting built specifically for… you guessed it; WordPress. I currently use two different hosts; Siteground and flywheel. Siteground is the more economical choice.

To learn more about Siteground, read my hosting review.