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Jet appointment by crockoblock

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Price: 19.00
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Lifetime License? Yes
Free Version? Yes
Jet Appointment | Appointment Booking For WordPress

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Jet Appointment is the ultimate appointment booking for WordPress. Free up valuable time by automating the process of booking new appointments online. Take payments with the WooCommerce integration.

Set it up once and direct your potential clients to your landing page.

Note: You can’t enjoy the full functionality of this plugin without Jet Engine.

Who Is This For?

Anyone looking to book appointments by the hour. There are applications for both brick and mortar as well as online businesses. Below are some examples of businesses this would work for.

  • Hair salon
  • Nail salon
  • Doctor’s office
  • Dentist
  • Consultant
  • Construction companies

I’m sure there are many more use applications that haven’t crossed my mind. You could even use this if all you wanted to do was schedule meetings.

Jet Appointment Features

  • Days off
  • Buffer time
  • Working hours
  • Appointment details
  • Support for multiple services
  • Use single forms
  • Capacity

Days off– add holidays and rest days to your schedule

Buffer time– add a buffer time before and after appointments to get ready for the next one.

Working hours– adjust your schedule for all of your services in one place (i.e. available 9am – 5 pm)

Appointment details– find all of the payment information in the settings column

Support for multiple services– offer more than one service? No problem. Set up any number of services and configure individual duration, price and other parameters

Use single forms– no need to create a form for each service. Create single services pages where the current service is selected by default

Capacity– prevent overbooking by setting the maximum capacity for any given service within your booking calendar

Automate Payments

Easily integrate Woocommerce into the booking process. Accept a wide variety of payments from gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Square, Amazon, or cash on delivery.

Here is a full list of Woocommerce gateways that you can use with Jet Appointment. Most of them are free.



Whether you have a hair salon that is looking to book appointments or a construction company that is looking to schedule estimates, Jet Appointment may just be the solution you are looking for.

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